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Everything is v…


Everything is vanity
by King Solomon

Such a statement by the wisest king ever lived on earth, is intriguing to everyone, I supposed.

Do you agree with the King? Would you like to expound your agreement?

If you don’t agree, why?

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Follow up

I want to challenge bloggers out of the blue to comment on my very first blog. I really don’t know what to do next after the first. I am in dire need of your sincere support which will eventually mold me into a resourceful thing in your community. Shoot me a challenging query by which I will be poked to dislodge everything I knew about it. I don’t know yet what particular topic shall I start with, it is in your choice which one to talk about.

Com’on guys, push me hard!

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Calling Those Who Have To Befriend With Those Who Have Not

It has been debilitating to experience that when you are lost and broke you lost friends and nobody wants to get close to you for fear that you would ask something from them to support your life. The worst and most painsful is when your own family seems to disown and discommunicate you in time when you needed them the most. However, when you are on the spotlight, everyone appears to be your friend. What then friends are for? Is friendship or family means getting or helping? It has been made as guide or advice that when you want to succeed you have to go with the succeessful people. The irony is, those on top are hesitant to support those who are left behind, especially those who are totally broke. Who will help them?