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51 years of age, married presently unemployed; looking for a challenging job in the wide world BSZOO. graduate - 1983, 30 units in M.A. Educational Management 12 units in M.A. of Christian Education major in Guidance and Counseling 10 or so years experience in Hotel and Restaurant jobs on board several international cruise ships which has given me a chance to see the beauty and beast of the whole world. 7 years in teaching high school and college students. 1 daughter and 1 son. lover of wisdom and more than eager to know the details of the world and the universe, in all its components, if it is possible. liberal and altruistic yet fair

“We should move ourselves to virtue as to an inviolable temple, in order that we may not be exposed to any ignoble insolence of soul with respect to our communion with, and continuance in life.”