Anything will do. Let’s try

I want to be part of the world community. I wanna share what I can and have. This is my very first time in this space, like you, I also want to have friends from every nook of the globe.

What I can do? Well, the ups and downs of life, in the angles I experience it. I am now 51 years of age. Sad to say, I am currently trekking the disappointments of married life and career, after many years of material abundance and enjoyments, special mention to my 10 or so years work on board several cruise ships plying the world seas and oceans whereby I had the chance of reaching the coastal, including a few of the inland, areas of the earth. I am still digging deep in my memory as to what particular point will I start my contribution to the world around.

Would you like to ask me something that interest you most, to start with?

I hope I did right in my first blog. Anyhow, please send me your comments. I anticipate.


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